Today's brides and prom girls are faced with costs rising in all areas of life, but especially when it comes to preparing for special occasions, such as weddings and dances! Therefore, it is important to establish a budget, plan and shop wisely. Get the best value for the money is every shopper's agenda, today, more than ever, women buy custom prom or wedding at a fraction of the cost, but the choice of going overseas!
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Many overseas companies are willing to do a custom dress for women who want a certain style in the United States, but can not afford high-quality design of the wedding or evening dress. If you decide to buy your dress factory from abroad, you need to know is to come up with a number of important questions about the quality of your clothes, sizes and colors. You will also be faced with a variety of shipping this problem is in your control, and control from suppliers.

Recently, there has been the closure of the factory has been re-using their own to solve the overall conversion of American women seeking affordable formal wear needs. Typically, these plants are just how to run the machine, and how to convince the public that there is no other way they experience from there to buy. They do not you see the beautiful dress in the picture, they did not get any money selling their dress, to understand the customer.

Low quality

The actual photograph real robe is made this dress real designer, who ignored each production every dress in every aspect of each production cycle.This is called quality control and many overseas factories have, you will not have these . For example, the situation will only be suggested dress look. Suppliers will use photographs dress, and copy it in your favorite color and size. But remember, in the dress of the picture is just a replica, they do not own, you see the real dress picture. Copies will be made, so it looks like the same clothes, even if the material, quality or details will not be the same, for the price you are willing to pay.
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Most likely, you will not even get a dress that looks like the picture, so be careful. A tailor from Hong Kong told me, "Even if the dress will be almost identical in shape, we can not be 100% sure that this dress is exactly the same image or quality will match the original." She went on to state: "If the quality is the same as a real dress, believe me, the price is much higher."

However, even if you are happy to dress, it looks almost like the picture, you may be surprised, if the details of your dress is a cheaper version. For example, a client regrets her wedding dress looks cheap because of her foreign tailors replaced with sequins beading. Sequins wedding! From far away, you can not tell the difference, but she was too embarrassed to wear to her wedding, so she had to purchase another's clothes, which she felt deserved quality. Worse, because it looks like the photo, she did not give her back the purchase price of a dime, even though the clothes she brought back her own expense!



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